Print Info

Q: In inches, what sizes do Sm, Med and Lrg actually represent?

A: Well, that depends on the image ratio, but it will be whatever fits best on one of the following.

Q: Why no international shipping?

A: Have you seen international shipping costs? I ain’t do’n that! I am however looking into cheaper options so feel free to hook me up with any remarkable printing establishments in your fine country. Free prints if you do!

Q: What kind of paper do you print on? Is it pretty nice or more crappyish?

A: Radiantly luscious paper! But don’t take my word for it, go take a look for yourself. I use Prnt Co for all of my personal and professional prints. Their quality is incredible and their prices are reasonable. If they print on it, they are my shoppe of choice for all of my personal and professional printing needs.

Personal Licensing

Q: So what if I just want to use an image for like my blog or a desktop background or something personal like that?

A: Just shoot me an email or fire up the twitters and tell me the details. I love making new friends and giving away an image or two may be a great way to start.

Commercial Licensing

Q: Can I purchase your work for use in commercial work?

A: You bet! Read all about my pricing model over here and then just reach out. I love new clients!

Contract Work

Q: Are you available for hire to cover an event or do some commercial work?

A: Ah, maybe. I’m very choosy about what I work on but if your project is awesome and we’d be a good fit for one another I’d jump at the chance to create something great. Either way there’s no harm in asking right?






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